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VKTR Industries LLC. Announces Events Attendance for 1st Half of 2024

VKTR Industries, a manufacturer of premier piston driven AR-15 rifles, is proud to announce their customer and media facing events for the first six months of 2024.  Some events are closed, and some are open to the public so they recommend contacting the host for further information.

VKTR will be sponsoring or attending the following events:

Match sponsor of the Quantified Performance A Day at Peacemaker event held on March 16th at the Peacemaker National Training Center in West Virgina. 

Bronze Sponsor of Georgia/ Alabama Tactical Officers Association, March 18-19th, including the range day, Columbus, GA.

Platinum sponsor of the Shooters Symposium April 4-5th, The Ranch, TX

Conference Sponsor of the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association, April 24-26th, Round Rock, Texas.

Match sponsor of A Day in the Arena event June 8th, at the Arena Training Facility in Blakely, Georgia. 

GunCon 2024, June 28-29th, including range day and vendor show, Grinnell, IA.

VKTR will also have a station set up with stage guns and complete rifles on the prize table at the Quantified Performance Shoot Fast, Shoot Far, series finale on October 26th and 27th 2024.  This event will be the culminating event of the season and will have participants from all over the country.

Most events require registration and/ or payment to attend, please check with each host for restrictions.

Information on VKTR Industries rifles, these events, dealer programs, or law enforcement sales can be found at or email Eric Luley at

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