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VKTR Law Enforcement Program

VKTR Industries is proud to support our Law Enforcement partners throughout the United States.  We believe the unique features of our rifles will provide an extremely durable, highly effective lifesaving product for years to come.  We look to our Law Enforcement customers as program partners for the long term.  As such, we offer many unique features tailored for our Law Enforcement Partners:

Rifle Test and Evaluation Program:  VKTR will provide a T&E rifle for agencies that are looking to test the product in conditions and ammunition congruent to their needs.  We also encourage you to reach out to our Law Enforcement Sales Manager below to schedule a “VKTR Demo Day” so we can come out and show you the variety of rifles we have to offer, as well as explain the unique benefits of VKTR products.

Lifetime Warranty:  VKTR Industries offers a lifetime warranty on all our products, which we will either repair or replace if determined, no questions asked.  This includes barrels, springs, and other common wear use items.  *Please see the warranty statement for more details.

Rifle Replacement Program:  VKTR will replace or repair any rifle that is damaged in the line of duty.  This includes accidents, natural disasters, or other activities that happen in the line of duty.  If a rifle is taken for evidence during an on-duty incident, VKTR will provide a loaner rifle to ensure the officer is still able to safely conduct his duties.

Additional Details

VKTR Heros Program:  VKTR is proud to offer a discount program for Active Duty Law Enforcement and First Responders.  This includes Firefighters and Paramedics.  In addition, we have a direct purchase program for our Active Duty military, retired and honorably discharged veterans.

Please Contact our Law Enforcement Sales Manager Eric Luley at

Frequently Asked Questions

Mostly like, no.  Due to the patented short stroke gas system, which bleeds excess gas out, you should have zero issues.  However, we absolutely recommend testing out any new suppressor system with your VKTR rifle before adoption as an agency.

Due to our unique gas system, your agency should be able to operate duty and training ammunition, both suppressed and unsuppressed, with zero modification to the system.

Yes, that is the preferred method. With a valid agency purchase order we will submit all the requisite ATF paperwork on our end and ship the rifles directly to the agency.

We will absolutely help work through your preferred local dealer to ensure your agency is able to procure the products you need.

No, VKTR will provide the same level of support to any agency regardless of size.

Yes. Please reach out via our contact form and we will be able to help you out.

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