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VKTR Industries VK-1 Piston-Driven AR

VKTR Industries, a relatively young manufacturer in the industry, has taken its passion, precision, and purpose with proprietary technology to deliver the VK-1, a modern piston-driven AR-15. According to VKTR, the team has drawn from decades of engineering, machining, and experience to bring customers a fresh take on precision armaments.

The flagship product from VKTR Industries has helped establish the company where revolutionary design and cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities meet. The VK-1 is a lightweight and supposed feature-rich AR-15 that consumers are sure to love.

VKRT Industries has released its flagship product with the VK-1, a piston-driven AR-15 rifle. The VK-1 is available in three lengths and three color schemes, with some familiar furniture with a new twist. (Photo credit: VKTR Industries)

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