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The New VKTR Industries VK-1 Rifle

During the TriggrCon 2023, VKTR Industries, a gun company from House Springs, Missouri, released a new piston-operated AR15-pattern rifle called VK-1. This rifle was designed in collaboration with Paul Leitner-Wise, has eight patents protecting its different components’ designs and has received the TriggrCon 2023 Golden Triggr Award for Most Innovative Long Gun. Let’s take a look at the specs and features of the new VKTR Industries VK-1 rifle.

AR-15 Rifles @ TFB:

The VK-1 is a lightweight, low profile, feature-rich, piston driven AR-15 for the discerning shooter features patented state of the art internal components, offering shooters a flatter, cleaner, more consistent shooting experience than traditional DI or legacy Piston driven AR’s…in the lowest profile footprint on the market.

VKTR Industries VK-1 rifles are chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO. The barrels are cold hammer forged, have a QPQ nitrided finish, 1:7″ twist rate, 1/2×28 muzzle threads and are thermal fit to forged upper receivers. The VK-1 rifles will be available in three barrel lengths (16″, 13.7″, 10.5″) with matching-length M-LOK handguards (15″, 12.6″, 9.85″). The 16″ and 10.5″ barreled VK-1s will come with A2 style flash hiders installed. The 10.5″ version will be offered as a pistol or SBR. The 13.7″ barreled VK-1 is a rifle as it comes with a pinned and welded SOLGW NOX muzzle device. The overall weight of the VKTR Industries VK-1 rifle in a 16″ barrelled configuration is 6.8 lbs.

The lower receivers of VKTR Industries VK-1 rifles are also forged and have ambidextrous controls (magazine release button, safety selector, and bolt catch/release lever). The bolt carriers feature integrated studs that take the piston impact, patented enhanced cam path, and hard chrome finish. The VK-1 rifles also feature Radian Weapons Raptor charging handles and Talon safety selectors, Magpul MOE-SL buttstocks, MOE K2 pistol grips and Enhanced Trigger Guards, Hiperfire triggers and patented heavy-duty buffer retainers. These rifles are Cerakoted with Black, Sniper Gray and FDE color options available.

Here is how VKTR Industries describes the short-stroke piston system of VK-1 rifles:

The VK-1 uses a revolutionary patented low-profile piston system design featuring optimum gas port sizing and a piston assembly featuring a unique cup and spigot design that improves the gas seal and overall efficiency of the gas system. The VK-1 also includes a staged gas bleed system with two sets of exhaust ports at precisely determined distances to reduce the inertia of the operating rod once it nears the end of its stroke. The reimagined VK-1 Short Stroke Piston System includes a fully-supported one-piece op rod and removable gas block and matches the footprint and weight of a standard DI AR-15 while providing the benefits of a piston driven system.

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